Write Dream, Reach… Achieve is a Peak Performance Coaching and Training Academy that works with incredibly driven individuals and encourages them to focus on their team to become extraordinary. 



  • 3 Day Intensive Training
  • Establish a Peak Performance Sales ToolKit
  • Develop a Sales Team Integration process
  • Ranking and scoring program
  • Dramatically increase repeat business

 Professional Salespersons who want to master the best sales techniques and Sales Processes will absolutely need to enroll in the Professional Sales Execution Certificate Program. Our Sales Techniques and proven Process that is highlighted in our 98 - 2 Premium Presentation method, allow you to increase your closes, leverage your sales Marketing efforts, and focus on your highly qualified sales leads. You will be able to build an incredible sales presentation that will allow you to work with the clients you want and command Professional respect in your field of Sales expertise. The Professional Sales Execution Certificate Program dismisses the myth of Closing at all costs, dealing with low paying and difficult clients and believing there is an invisible ceiling on what you can achieve as a Professional Salesperson, Sales Manager, and Company Executive. You will learn how to Professionally and accurately pinpoint your Target client, directly contact and connect with them, confidently plan and execute a "Cold Call", set up a follow-up meeting, prepare and execute a Premium Sales Presentation and DECIDE if YOU WANT to work with this prospect! You will finally be able to drop all the uncomfortable Sales Pitches, closing techniques that don’t work and make everyone feel uncomfortable and avoid your calls, engage clients that ultimately do not need your product or services to a reality of becoming an ABSOLUTE trusted expert in your field, engaging with only the top paying clients who value the effort and quality that you bring to the table as a Professional Sales expert and feel great about doing what is best for your client … resulting in repeat business and an amazing referral network that labels you as the GO TO PERSON in your field. Enroll now and get your journey to Peak Performance Sales Execution! Get certified NOW!

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As a participant, you will be asked to reflect, discuss, and share ideas on the 10 aspects of leadership studied in the book “10 Discussions for Effective Leadership”.   

  • 3 Day Workshop ​
  • Peak Performance Leadership Awareness Program
  • Establish a Personal Leadership Scorecard
  • Personal Leadership Roadmap 

Customer service and timely and amazing follow-up is by far the most important reason that clients become repeat buyers. Learn how to execute the absolute best customer service so that your clients become your amazing referral network and you and your team become pivotal and core to organizational profit. Using our proprietary methodology and tools, you will be able to quickly understand what the client needs and will be able to deliver with effortless – effectiveness each and every time. The Game Time Certificate Program will allow your team to be on the exact same page when it comes to your Sales, Delivery, and recovery process. Imagine a world where your front-line people are Healthy, Happy, and Helpful! Reduce turnover and attract the absolute best talent in your industry. Step by step, the Game Time Certificate Program guides the student on a Peak Performing Customer experience all while loving their job. Enroll now and get your journey to Peak Performance Sales Execution!

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