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Without Dialing for Dollars, Ineffective Uncomfortable Scripts and Mail Lists

(Even if you are just starting out or feel stuck at low Income level)

               5 Shifts to Premium Pricing High Ticket Sales - Masterclass          
  • Why making hundreds of cold calls is NOT a good strategy to become a Premium Pricing Sales Professional and how our clients can start CHOOSING their Premium clients TODAY!

  •   How our clients get as many Premium Pricing Clients as they can handle without using complicated and expensive memberships even if they have a small following right now.

  • How to get rid of those uncomfortable, unnatural and totally ineffective sales scripts and start authentically connecting and creating an incredible referral network.

  • How our clients get to Premium Pricing Sales making less calls using the “ 98 – 2 Premium Presentation” and the shift that makes it HAPPEN practically overnight.

  • And WHY this Process is the secret weapon that skyrockets their revenue, while enjoying the freedom to chose WHO you want to work with ALL THE TIME!

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Founder and creator of Dream Reach ... Achieve and Professional Search Academy, Bruno has over 25 years of professional, coaching, recruiting, and managerial experience.  

Bruno holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Ottawa, a Petroleum Engineering diploma from Sait, and is a CHRP and RPR-designated professional.  

Bruno's passion is about building teams and helping them achieve excellence. A finalist for the Ethical Business Leader awarded by the University of Dalhousie, Bruno believes in "Doing the right thing all the time".  

Two the international bestselling co-author of "10 discussions for Effective Leadership" and "Don't Bet On It" A Teenage novel he co-wrote with his two sons Dominic and Matteo. He also authored a comic book called SAL and GIO - Cement Surgeons".